Valio Food Solutions combines 100 years of heritage in manufacturing food ingredients, Nobel-prize-winning expertise and over 300 patents. We help you meet the market demands of clean label, natural, organic, gluten free and lactose free, as well as the business and profitability objectives of the modern food industry.

Give your brand and products more potential and leverage with us. We are committed to bringing sustainable, clean and healthy nutrition to the world. Our solutions, expertise and natural ingredients can be used in various applications from baby food to confectionery, bakery or sports nutrition.

Let’s make safe and sustainable food together and succeed!

Applications for Valio industrial food ingredients and solutions

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Making safe and sustainable food together

Our responsibly sourced milk from our own dairy farmers provides us with an all-year-round controlled supply of fresh, pure, and clean milk

The secret behind Valio’s high-quality food ingredients is fresh Finnish milk, pure and clean. The fresh taste starts with the raw material—milk—from our own dairy farmers. The clean Arctic environment, combined with strict quality control, means that Finnish milk is the one cleanest in the world milk from the healthy cows. It is always GMO-free* and antibiotics residue free.

Our unbroken cold chain incorporating the most modern processing technologies enables us to manufacture and supply unparalleled high-quality industrial food ingredients all year round.

*ref Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 and No 1830/2003

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