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Breastmilk is the best choice for baby. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months; continued breastfeeding after introduction of complementary food (up to two years); and consultation of a healthcare professional when introducing infant formula or complementary food.

Valio’s high-quality baby food ingredients are made from fresh Finnish milk. The clean Arctic environment, combined with strict quality control, means that our raw material – Finnish milk – is the cleanest milk in EU. It is always non-GMO (Regulation EC No 1829/2003) and antibiotics residue free.

Our modern processing technologies enable us to manufacture and supply unparalleled high-quality and traceable baby food ingredients. Valio’s staff has long experience in infant formula design, dosage, recipes and processes. Our operations and products conform to or exceed both international and regional food standards, regulations and nutritional recommendations.

Let’s make safe and sustainable baby food together.


Baby foods must meet existing regulations and local nutritional recommendations for healthy development.

We have solutions for baby food manufacturers to help produce balanced nutrition for infants and babies.

Valio’s experts can help you with efficient and accurate recipe design and calculation. Together we can find the optimal composition for your needs:

  • Protein level can be adjusted
  • Optimal whey/casein ratio for the right amino acid composition
  • Different fat compositions and sources
    • Milk- fat combined with vegetable fats
    • Vegetable oil based
  • Standardised mineral, trace element and vitamin composition
  • Option to add special nutritional components
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  • Consumer baby food solutions

    We can help you design the recipes and processes to produce optimal compositions for ready-to-feed (RTF) baby food solutions.

    Widen your baby food product range with Valio’s ready-to-feed (RTF) solutions

    Valio’s liquid infant formula is easy to use and has a fresh and clean taste with no off-flavours. It has a white colour and milky appearance. Liquid infant formula is ready to feed and does not require hot water or mixing. Consumers like it since it is easy to prepare and convenient to take along. The correct dosage is guaranteed every time, as the formula is pre-mixed.

    Valio’s options for RTF:

    • We deliver complete RTF for consumer use as a contract manufacturing.
    • We can help you produce your own ready-to-feed product with base powder ranging from Valio’s own high-quality recipes to fully customised solutions.
    • We provide RTF technology know-how with base powder or IMF ingredient sales.

    Produce your own ready-to-feed (RTF) infant formula:

    • Use Valio’s high-quality and pure base powders and formulae to produce your own liquid infant formula.
    • Our experienced staff can help you with formula design, dosage and processes as well as with regulations and standards.

    Liquid infant formula in easy-to-use package:

    • Unopened packages can be stored at room temperature.
    • Opened packages can be easily re-sealed.
    • Once opened, package can be stored in the fridge for up to two days.
  • Infant milk formula quality ingredients

    Manufacture your infant milk formula (IMF) products with fresh Finnish milk-based ingredients to support the healthy development of infants.

    Non-GMO milk and whey powders for baby formula manufacturers

    (*Regulation EC No 1829/2003)

    We deliver quality through the entire value chain, full traceability, entire records from our own farms to the end product. You can manufacture safe and nutritious baby formula knowing that the ingredients meet the consumers’ quality requirements as well as nutritional recommendations.

    • Valio Demi™ demineralised whey powders for powder and ready-to-feed (RTF) formulas
    • Valio milk powders, also butter milk and organic
    • Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders

    We offer also best solutions and support for production of lactose free infant milk formulas ›

  • Valio infant formula base powders

    Valio base powder can be tailored to your specific needs so that you can make nutritious, high-quality baby formula and optimise the manufacturing process.

    Produce high-quality infant formula and other baby foods with Valio base powders

    Valio base powders are an ideal solution for milk-based infant formulas and a wide range of other baby foods. All Valio base powders are produced according to the highest standards, guaranteeing that they are safe and nutritious. Valio offers its own high-quality recipes as well as fully customised solutions.

    • Infant milk formula (IMF) base powders from basic blends to complete formulas.
    • Valio’s own high-quality recipes or fully customised solutions.
    • Valio infant formula base powder is manufactured from Valio’s fresh Finnish milk and whey in a new state-of-the-art facility. It is fully traceable to origin and subject to Valio’s strict quality control.
    • Can also be used for a wide range of milk-based baby foods, like milk-based cereals.
    • Specifications for stages 1-3. Can be modified according to special needs.
    • Packaged in 20 kg modified atmosphere, big bag also available.

    Valio base powders are ideal for the manufacture of milk-based infant food ›

Phospholipids in milk show promise in enhancing child development

Phospholipids are a way to bring formula one step closer to breast milk. Read more about the benefits of MFGM for children and infants in our blog.

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  • Our commitment to quality helps you develop the best baby food products on the market


    When producing our baby food solutions, we use the best technology available. We commit to regular testing and monitoring at plants. We have all required quality management systems in place and follow existing standards for baby food contaminants and pesticides.


    All our production starts with fresh Finnish milk. Fresh high-quality raw materials require less treatment (UHT), thus retaining its fresh taste and white colour. The reason why our milk is of such a high quality is due to the clean production environment in Finland and strict quality standards our farmers follow. We can guarantee that we know all our 5,300 farmers we buy milk from - and our fresh milk and whey are fully traceable back to the farm of its origin.


    Following in the footsteps of A.I. Virtanen, the Nobel-prize winning leader of Valio R&D, our innovations have put us at the forefront of emerging trends. Today, innovation and outstanding quality are the key factors in Valio’s success. We introduce 100 new products every year and hold over 300 patents in 50 countries. In 2017, we spent 28.5 million euros on research, product development and quality assurance.

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