Functional and pure ingredients for the confectionery and chocolate industry

Health-conscious consumers demand a combination of indulgence and healthiness from confectionery and chocolate products. Valio’s patented technology and pure industrial ingredients allow reduced sugar and increased protein products to be made with superior taste and texture with no artificial sweeteners. Our pure ingredients also enable lactose free products to be produced.

Valio’s experienced staff can help you with dosage, recipes and processes to meet regulations and to help improve the profitability of your products.

Let’s make the best tasting and sustainable confectionery and chocolate together!

Valio food solutions help you achieve

  • Sugar reduction

    With the right pure ingredients, you can reduce sugar levels in a natural way without compromising important product qualities, like texture and taste

    Avoiding sugar is a clear trend also in indulgence sector. This sets a challenge in confectionery as sugar is the main component for sweet taste and also enhances the texture and prolongs the shelf life.

    With the right natural ingredients, you can reduce sugar levels in a way that does not compromise important product qualities.

    We have solutions to help you reduce your product’s sugar content naturally and without compromising in taste, texture and optimal shelf life. With our solutions you can:

    • Replace sugar with protein by using Valio Eila® lactose free milk powder
      • With a bulking agent
      • or as a natural replacement
    • Reduce carbohydrates with Valio Eila® lactose free milk powder which contains less carbohydrates than standard skim milk powder (SMP)

    Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders

  • High protein

    You can increase the protein level in chocolate and other confectionery products without causing sandiness or viscosity challenges in the production process

    You can increase the amount of protein in your confectionery recipes with Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders.

    With our solutions you can:

    • reduce sugar naturally as sucrose is replaced with protein
    • achieve delicious taste and maintain smooth texture
    • maintain your usual production process parameters

    Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders

  • Lactose free

    The demand for gut-friendly products is currently at the top of the super-healthy food trends of 2018

    Meet the trend of digestive wellness by producing your confectionery and chocolates lactose free. Modifying recipes to lactose free is easy by replacing regular milk powders with Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders.

    With our solutions you can achieve numerous advantages in lactose free production:

    • Easy to replace regular milk powder with Valio lactose free milk powders
      • lactose content below 0.1%
    • Easy and effective production process with Valio Eila® pro lactose free milk powders
      • less hygroscopic than lactose hydrolysed milk powders
      • enable 20-25% smaller dosage
    • Excellent, rich taste in lactose free milk chocolates
    • Different taste profiles
      • natural milk taste with Valio Eila® pro lactose free milk powders
      • enhanced sweet taste with Valio Eila® sweet lactose free milk powders

    Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders

Natural industrial ingredients for dairy food processors

Be inspired by our lactose free info package!

Download the info package for useful information about lactose free solutions and ideas on how to expand your product range to meet the demand.

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