How Valio is crafting Finnish Artisan Butter and Cheese of Highest Quality

Even chefs in France value Finnish butter, and new innovations in Valio's cheese flavours attract international consumers.

The French know a thing or two about baking. Patisseries and boulangeries demand the highest quality butter to make their products.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that one of France’s largest croissant makers insists on using Valio butter – made with farm fresh Finnish milk – to make tens of thousands of croissants every day.

“Butter is one of the purest products around,” says Kimmo Luoma, Senior Vice President Butter and Cheese. “There’s almost no processing, which follows this trend for more pure products, especially in cooking and baking,” he adds.

Valio offers premium artisan butter – salted and unsalted – from master butter-makers for international markets. The biggest export markets are Sweden and USA for consumer products, feeding the need for artisan premium butter made from clean Finnish cow milk.

Creamy cheese flavours

One of Valio’s strongest export markets for cheese is the USA, where the Finlandia brand offers a range of flavours from creamy Swiss to Colby Jack and sharp cheddar as well as other well-known types like Gouda and Provolone.

Now, premium Valio cheeses like Valio Juhla® cheddar and Valio Keisarinna® are available to international markets

Thanks to decades of cheese know-how with new innovations in flavours, Valio is able to bring our cheeses to new audiences, and continue the heritage of making premium artisan cheese using only the best of pure Finnish milk.

Master Cheese Maker Nurtures Valio’s Cheese Heritage

Master Cheese Maker Jukka Sipponen is an expert in the traditions and flavours of cheese – after all, he's been crafting cheese at Valio since the late 1970s.

“The maturation process is the key to developing the taste of the final product, along with salt brining, and the fat content of the pure Finnish milk as the core. In addition to mild cheese brands like Edam, we have wonderful cheeses with more flavour, for example the newest ranges that are matured for longer. For a taster, try our Gouda which is maturied for nine months.”

The secret behind great taste comes from Valio’s master cheese makers’ passion, strong expertise and long tradition in cheesemaking. Each cheese is evaluated during ripening by touch, taste and scent.