Ongoing innovation making more from milk

Valio makes what consumers want. Decade after decade, our innovations have put us at the forefront of emerging trends. Value added products are now to be launched in new categories.

Valio began to remove lactose from milk in the 1980s, advancing a chain of invention and development. We recognised that the filtration technology could be used to separate out and utilise milk’s valuable components such as proteins, minerals, and other fractions.

“Since then, we have recombined the components of milk and introduced specific properties to consumer products,” says Tuomas Salusjärvi, Executive Vice President, Product Groups and R&D.

“We succeeded for example in adding whey proteins to milk and developed Valio PROfeel® milk drink for active exercisers. And by replacing whey proteins with casein proteins we created Valio Kiehu™ milk drink that’s easy to boil without burning. One of our most recent innovations is Valio ValSa® milk salt composed of the minerals found in milk. ValSa® products are already proving popular.”

Valio actively patents technologies and systematically tracks consumer behaviour. The company has set ambitious indicators for innovation activities which encourage it to evolve continuously. “Valio has always had the ability to act quickly and present consumers with relevant products. Innovations such as Valio Gefilus® embody the company’s bold and visionary approach.”

“When the lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG was discovered in the 1980s, we headed straight to America to be first to make an agreement on its commercial use. Today, LGG® is a massive business.”

So which Valio concept is set to be the next big success? The answers can be found in Riihimäki, Southern Finland, where the most modern snacks plant in the world will be completed in 2017.

“We’ll be manufacturing new kinds of snack products. Yoghurts with the lowest sugar content in the world that also taste good, for which we already hold the patents. We’ll also be making spoonable and drinkable yoghurt products, of a type that has never been launched.”

It’s our desire to be involved in the major snacks trend that’s driving these initiatives. There’s huge global potential in replacing sugar and salt. The story of Valio Milk Salt has only just begun – and Valio’s innovation story continues.

The Nobel Prize inspires

Nobel laureate A.I. Virtanen inspires passion for product development at Valio through his AIV silage method resulting in high-quality Finnish milk.


Future investments

The most modern snacks plant in the world will be completed in Riihimäki with the state-of-the-art production technology.


Novel innovations continue

Valio ValSa® milk salt will be extended to other products as a partial replacement for table salt. Also, solutions for sugar replacement will be enhanced.