Valio in Sweden

Valio Sverige Ab in Sweden was established in 1994, when Valio Group wanted to grow into a more international operator and offer Swedish customers and consumers tasty and high-quality products made from Finnish milk. Today, Valio's subsidiary in Sweden employs 50 people who take care of the local sales and marketing of the extensive range of products. The product selection includes yoghurts, cheeses, milk, cooking products and butter. In other words, more than 60 products that enhance health and well-being and create added value for consumers.

Swedes love Valio's lactose free products

In 2002, Valio became the first company to introduce lactose free milk to the Swedish market. Although lactose free products are also offered by many other producers today, Valio is still the market leader. In addition to milks, yoghurts and cooking products, Swedish consumers are fond of, among other things, Valio's cheeses and Valio MiFU®.

A pioneer of lactose free products

“When we launched lactose free milk, lactose intolerance was still a fairly new concept to many Swedes. Awareness has increased considerably in fifteen years, and nowadays even private labels carry lactose free alternatives,” says Sirkku Erlandsson, CEO of Valio Sverige Ab.

Despite tough competition, Valio has managed to retain its position as the market leader. The credit for this goes to Valio's unique, patented lactose free technology, thanks to which lactose free products can be produced without compromises on taste and nutrients.

“We get positive feedback on the excellent taste and innovativeness of our products on a continuous basis. Many consumers consider Valio's lactose free products to taste best, and we've also won a number of taste tests,” says Erlandsson.

Innovative new products

In addition to milks, some of the first lactose free products on the Swedish market included yoghurts. Throughout the years, the selection has also come to include butter, cream cheeses, cooking creams and other cooking products.  The latest product launches include ultra-thin cheese slices, gourmet cheeses and the Valio MiFU® products, which have become very popular in Finland.

“An increasing number of Swedish consumers are choosing a lactose free milk product instead of a product containing lactose. Offering lactose free versions of basic products is no longer enough; rather, our customers are expecting us to deliver innovative product launches – an area in which Valio luckily excels,” says Erlandsson.

For consumers and professionals

In addition to consumer products, Sweden's Valio offers lactose free quality products for professionals in mass catering and restaurants. All of the products sold in Sweden are made in Finland. Their sales, marketing and logistics employ 50 people. The head office of Valio Sverige Ab, established in 1994, is located in Stockholm, but its sales representatives work across the country.