Valio is a responsible partner

Corporate governance determines the composition of Valio’s Supervisory Board and Board of Directors, as well as the powers of decision vested in the Shareholders’ Meeting, Supervisory Board, Board of Directors, CEO, Executive Board, Divisions, Group functions, and business processes.

Valio Shareholders’ Meeting elects the Supervisory Board which comprises 23 representatives of Valio Group dairy co-operatives and four elected by personnel groups. The Supervisory Board elects the Board of Directors comprising four milk producer members, and the Board of Directors appoints the CEO.

Valio’s operations are guided by Valio Group Strategy which determines the company’s mission, value, vision, strategy, and specific operating policies and processes.

Stakeholder analysis determines Valio’s key stakeholders, their expectations, and how contacts are maintained with them.

Risk management is an integral part of Valio’s management function and identifies risks related to operations. The company’s risk management unit is responsible for insuring non-life risks.

Goals related to responsibility are embedded in Valio’s standard operations.

Policies and principles

The basic principles of Valio Group’s corporate responsibility are that the company runs its business in a responsible fashion, complies with the law and other official requirements, and takes the expectations of its stakeholders into account in its operations. Responsible operations are in addition supported by some more detailed principles and policies.

Valio treats its customers equally, interacting with consumers, too, and attends to the safety of its products through audits and comprehensive in-house control. Valio’s communication principles are timeliness, truthfulness, and interaction.

Valio does not tolerate personnel discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race or religion. The company respects human rights and freedom of association with trade unions, having a functioning and interactive shop steward system that represents the personnel.

Valio does not hire people under the age of 15 and most positions require that the employee is 18 or over. The company does not sanction the use of child labour in its procurement chain. An extensive in-house study is in progress taking in all our suppliers.

Valio does not accept or offer bribes.

Standards applied by Valio

Valio’s ISO 9001 and 14001 certified operations system guides the company’s operations. In addition, Valio complies with a number of written principles in its operations, some of which are listed below.

Valio complies with SFS-ISO 26000 regarding the principles of accountability, transparency, and ethical behaviour, and of respect for stakeholder interests, the rule of law, international norms of behaviour, and human rights.

Valio’s operations are conducted in accordance with standard SA8000 concerning labour, although these operations have not as yet been certified.

Valio’s corporate responsibility reporting complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and applies the division of GRI into economic, social and environmental responsibility; adding animal well-being, product safety and consumer orientation which are essential to the company’s operations.

In-house control

Valio production plants and warehouses operate an in-house control system drawn up in accordance with HACCP principles that promote food safety.

The system covers the entire production process from raw and packing materials’ reception to the supervision of facilities and process equipment; covering also finished products as well as product storage and transportation.

Valio in-house control is certified by external auditors.

Production is steered by the ISO 9001 certified quality system. The food safety system is maintained and developed in accordance with ISO 22000, and support systems in accordance with the ISO 22002-1 standard were introduced at all Valio sites during 2011.

Five production plants in Finland operate a food safety management system certified in accordance with ISO 22000.

Valio’s Lapinlahti cheese and ingredients plants, Toholampi and Joensuu cheese plants, Seinäjoki ingredients plant, and Tikkurila starter plant are all ISO 22000 certified.

The key laboratory procedures are ISO 17025 accredited.