From Valio’s Master Craftsmen: Premium Butter & Cheese

Since 1905 Valio has produced perfect butter and cheese thanks to time honoured recipes handed down through four generations of Finnish family farmers. Consumers are increasingly searching for products with natural quality, provenance and real values. The Master Butter and Cheese makers of Valio produce masterpieces, seeped in history, tradition and heritage which answer the needs of those looking for an authentic indulgent moment.

Valio – making the perfect butter, since 1905.

  • A legacy of greatness

    Chosen by French viennoiserie chefs, our premium butter has a consistent texture, a rich flavour and a distinct colour. The smooth taste of the butter is a result of tradition and craftmanship passed on by our master butter-makers for four generations.

  • Pure butter from pure milk

    Our premium butter represents butter at its finest. Only the essential substances have gone into the butter to create the best products possible. All of our Premium Artisan Butters are made with 100% Finnish milk from cows grazing on the western plains of Finland. It's a butter that is natural and pure, and comes from a great source.

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Valio Master Butter Makers salted butter and unsalted butter offer a smooth, velvety taste. Made with pure arctic dairy cream, the quality of our butter is proven time and time again in cooking, baking and on bread.

  • Valio Master Butter Makers unsalted butter

  • Valio Master Butter Makers salted butter

The production of the perfect butter – how is it made?

How is it made? - Infograph

Valio Premium Artisan Cheese

  • Taste born from craftmanship

    For over 100 years, Valio has trained and employed several generations of master cheese makers. The secret behind great taste leads from their passion, strong expertise and long tradition in cheese making. Each cheese is evaluated during ripening by feel, taste and scent. This is the way to assure the first class quality to our cheeses. Valio cheeses have also been appreciated and got credit internationally for decades.

  • Premium Cheese made from pure Finnish milk

    The cows that graze in our pastures produce milk that is pure and genuinely delicious – ideal raw material for the world’s finest cheeses. These cheeses have no preservatives and they are lactose free. Valio cheeses are made with care and expertise to deliver great flavor.

Valio Premium Cheese

Premium cheese made from pure Finnish milk

Several generations of master cheese makers have put their passion and expertise in use to ensure that our cheeses meet the first class quality they are known for.

  • Valio Fine Finnish Keisarinna cheese

    One of a kind cheese - latest masterpiece created by Valio’s talented master cheese makers with subtle caramel and fruity flavours with a characteristic, slightly crunchy texture. This cheese has been matured for a minimum of 7 months.

  • Valio Fine Finnish Juhla cheddar

    Unique Finnish Cheddar cheese with exquisite tartness balanced with a fresh sweet taste, complemented with a wonderful crumbly texture. This cheese has been matured for a minimum of 6 months.

Valio Creamy Cheese Spread

Sweet creamy cheese spreads with full, delicious taste

Deliciously indulgent taste and consistency, Valio’s Gourmet Creamy Cheeses are perfect on bread in desserts or directly from the pack. Naturally, they’re also lactose free.

  • Valio Gourmet cheese spread chocolate

  • Valio Gourmet cheese spread caramel