Valio a dairy co-operative owned by farmers

Valio dairy products are made from the pure Finnish milk. Take a look at the clean and pristine Arctic nature.

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Valio's decision making structure includes the annual general meeting, board of directors and supervisory board. Valio is owned by 17 dairy cooperatives and run by our CEO Annikka Hurme.

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Corporate social responsibility

Together we make life better. This means Valio is making food that tastes good and we carrying out important roles in society: ensuring food security, improving animal welfare and enhancing public health are some examples of our impacts.

World-class innovations in the footsteps of A.I. Virtanen

In 1919, Valio’s laboratory served as the location where chemist Artturi Ilmari Virtanen began his life’s work. With no compromises on quality and with a firm focus on scientific collaboration, A.I. Virtanen led the laboratory from 1921 onwards, for nearly 50 years. Of Virtanen’s inventions, AIV fodder and AIV salt, in particular, were revolutionary, and Virtanen’s inventions led to him receiving the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1945.

What makes Finnish milk so great?

Finnish milk has its origins in the untainted countryside and knowledgeable production. In fact, Finland produces the EU’s cleanest milk, thanks to having the healthiest cows.

Founded and owned by farmers

Founded in 1905 by farmers, Valio is the biggest dairy company in Finland and known for its high-quality consumer products. Because we are still owned by the very farmers who produce our milk, it is only natural for us to focus on sustainable farming. A happy cow simply produces better quality milk.
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110 years of finnish goodness

Grown from humble beginnings, Valio’s product and technology exports and globally significant breakthrough innovation have always been a vital part of the business. The company has over one hundred years of experience in the international dairy industry.

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