Valio's strategy

Valio's strategy is strongly based on global consumer trends. We respond to changes in people's behaviour and requirements with our own innovations and by engaging in cooperation with our partners. We respond to consumers' needs with both milk-based and other products.

An exceptional ability to transform innovations into solutions that serve consumers' needs has always been one of Valio's strengths. What has made this possible is the close cooperation between our various operations.

Our near-term goal is to effectively exploit this operating model in the international arena as well.

Our mission and objectives

Valio's mission is to create well-being and taste sensations in a responsible way.
We believe that products made from pure Finnish milk and our technological innovations are so good that they can also improve the quality of people's lives beyond Finland's borders. Our goal is therefore to achieve profitable international growth with world-class added value. This will lead to the best prices in the EU being paid to Valio's owners: Finnish dairy farm entrepreneurs.

Our goals

To be the preferred partner of customers

To make the most popular consumer products

To strengthen our market position in the neighbouring markets of Sweden, Denmark, the Baltic countries and Russia

To achieve profitable growth in the international markets for consumer products and specialty food industry products

Our means

Effectively commercialising our innovation skills either on our own or in cooperation with partners

  • Strengthening the Valio brand and our consumer brands

  • The best customer experience, dialogue and product selections

  • Responsibility as part of everyday work

  • Efficient utilisation of big data

  • Developing the competence of our personnel

Our values

Being a part of Valio is the most important factor guiding our activities. This means

  • Assuming personal responsibility

  • Listening to our customers and consumers, and exceeding their wishes

  • caring about people, animals and the environment

  • Succeeding together