A Finnish Garden Party at Anuga

During Anuga 2017 in Cologne, one of the worlds biggest food fairs, the whole world is showing their products and it is hard to stand out.

There are traditional food and production innovations from all countries; from lemonade made with basil seed to squid chips or pistachio spreads.

Yet Valio, with its food trends like lactose free or protein enriched food, is making quite an impression!

Located right at the entrance of the dairy halls (10.1, booth 009), with a green "grass" carpet, lightbulb garlands, wooden design stools and feel-good pictures of Finnish summer evenings with family and friends on the wall, it evokes the feeling of a Garden Party. Helsinki-based chef, Petteri Kanerva has been used Valio ingredients like cream, milk and butter to create special dishes like reindeer mousse and smoked fish.

"Our new booth is easy to approach, it's not all about our products, but the images and the open structure is extremely inviting", explains Anne-Brigitte Aminoff, responsible for the booth.

"Saturday and Sunday have been busy days. We are very happy" said Export Director Paavo Salminen. "We have already talked with many longtime customers and made a number of new contacts."

Valio's innovative products have been demonstrating strong appeal and the company is spot on with the most talked about trends at Anuga; products that meet the health demands of customers yet are deeply rooted in a heritage of local, pure and fresh food.

Anuga is the world's largest trade fair for food and beverages, open 7-11 October 2017 in Cologne, Germany with approximately 160,000 enthusiastic visitors and more than 7,400 exhibitors.