Are you ready?

Valio has the habit of spotting gaps in the market and developing technology, products and marketing strategies that fill them. These projects regularly prove transferrable to partner markets and lactose free is a typical example of understanding, acting on and finally globalising local trends.

Learning from local potential

Dairy features strongly in our domestic market, the perfect location to launch and trial lactose free which has fast become almost commonplace, says Maritta Timonen, Export Manager for Valio Eila® lactose free technology.

A willing and knowledgeable population on your doorstep is certainly a valuable resource although not a unique phenomenon. Our corporate commitment to responsibility for well-being has given us greater insight into the social and commercial environment in which to develop licensable expertise.

“People have proved they’ll buy lactose free when and where available.”

Getting closer to consumers

Marketing communication focused more tightly on consumer convenience and awareness helps get products to where they’re needed. Building and developing the consumer culture to make lactose free a part of everyday life supports well-being and grows the market.

A day in the life

As the market moves out of the home, people have proved they’ll buy lactose free when and where available. A typical restaurant menu in for instance Finland routinely offers clearly indicated lactose free alternatives. In cafés, the jug of lactose free milk at the point of delivery and sale is standard. Schools, bakeries and ice cream kiosks have also responded. In fact, many food service providers are finding that ultimately the most effective solution is to make lactose free the rule rather than the exception (see opposite) as is often the case at home if even one person cannot tolerate lactose.

Consumers take the lead

Shifting product off the shelves and into the family fridge draws on well-established expertise throughout the organization. Educating the health care sector and communicating with other influential groups will always be important in promoting the very real consumer health benefits. What’s changing is that the business is now driven by consumers as much as any other stakeholder. So, are you ready?

We look to share best practices so come to Finland and see!