Diverse tasks and new learning – hundreds of summer job possibilities yearly

Valio is a desired summer employer. We offer versatile jobs all over Finland and give an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned through study. In Finland, there are approximately 300 seasonal workers each summer working in different positions – their time spent at Valio ranging from a few weeks to several months.

Valio export does not sleep – even during holiday periods

Valio is Finland’s biggest food exporter. Every 20 minutes, there’s a Valio container shipped out to the world. Over the summer, the headquarters of Valio Pitäjänmäki has been quiet with most of the permanent staff on their summer vacations. However, many tasks need to be carried out non-stop as we at Valio want to maintain our industry-leading supply and service levels at all times. This is why it is important to have skilled people to maintain operations. Thanks to Valio’s seasonal workers who support, for example, domestic sales, export, product groups, marketing, financial management, human resources, information management and executive assistant operations from May to early September.

Anni Kaivola, Olli Crockatt, Juha Jurmo and Marja-Leena Ryynänen all work in international sales with different export assistant tasks. They share their experiences regarding work, learning and the working atmosphere.

Juha Jurmo

“I already worked at Valio Domestic Sales but my interest has been strongly in international business. I contacted our Export Directors and we started to discuss the task trials we have at Valio. Because export never slows down, summer was the best time to do the trial.

Now I have substituted at the US export department for the summer. We have a subsidiary Finlandia Cheese Inc. in USA. Valio has been in the US market since 1958. My task is to take care of the whole order delivery chain, which means ordering the products from factories and delivering them to the USA. This process requires a lot of paperwork and includes many different steps, beginning at manufacturing and going through to invoicing. Exporting FMCG to USA means many certificates and official procedures.

It has been very interesting to learn how the product moves from country to another as well as the legislation governing food trade. One thing I appreciate most is that we really do one’s best to produce superior Valio quality in everything we do. It has been nice to see what different products we produce for export.

What comes to my favourite Valio product, nothing beats lactose free milk when preparing my morning cappuccino!”

Marja-Leena Ryynänen

“I graduated from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in engineering in June 2016. My first contact with the food industry was at Valio’s juice factory at Pitäjänmäki.

I’ve been working as an export assistant in the International Sales unit since mid-April. My first assignment was to be responsible for our Arabian and Egyptian customers. The last working month has been with European customers. My job is to handle the whole sales process from the production plant to the customer after the Sales Manager has made the contract. My main responsibility is to ensure fluent delivery and customer satisfaction. I’ve been very impressed with Valio’s willingness to achieve and maintain its trustworthiness as a supplier.

The best thing about working in Valio’s International Sales has been the excellent induction. Everyone has been very helpful and I have felt very secure. The whole personnel have been friendly and this workplace has a warm and functional working spirit.”

Olli Crockatt

“I’m Olli Crockatt and I am working as an export assistant at Valio during the summer. I have enjoyed working with the team here at Valio and have gained valuable work experience that supports my master’s studies in Supply Management. The work is fast paced, requires attention to detail and is a front row seat for learning the ropes in the dairy industry.  I have especially enjoyed working with the highly professional and supportive co-workers at Valio and interacting with customers in Asia and other parts of the world. When you live in Finland, Valio products are a part of your daily life and one of my favourite products during this “hot” Finnish summer has been all the different flavours of Valio Eila Latte ice coffees. “

Anni Kaivola

“My name is Anni and over the summer I have been working as an export assistant in Ingredients Sales at Valio. My area of responsibility has been our European bakery clients, handling the order-delivery process for all their butter needs. My tasks include keeping close contact with our customers and freight carriers, as well as our production facility and warehouse in order to make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the process.

The past months have been very interesting and rewarding, and I have learned a lot while working alongside my amazing colleagues. What I have loved most about this job and this environment is that there is never a dull moment – everything is always moving and you have to stay on top of things.

To me, Valio represents Finnish, clean and innovative dairy produce. Having grown up in Finland, Valio has always been present in my life and I use a great variety of Valio products on a daily basis – milk, yoghurt and my personal favourite, cottage cheese, just to mention a few. Even though this summer has been my first experience of working at Valio, I certainly hope it won’t be the last.”

Valio wants to take care of the well-being and professional development of its employees. Valio provides employment for more than four thousand employees*. The average number of employees in Valio Group in 2016 was 4,096. On average, 3,202 employees worked in Finland and 894 in foreign subsidiaries. Valio was chosen as the most sustainable company in Finland for the 4th year running (Sustainable Brand Index, 2017).

* Board of Directors’ Report and Financial Statements, 1 Jan. – 31 Dec. 2016.