Finnish milk means proven high quality

Finnish milk has its origins in the untainted countryside where farmers rise early every morning at some 8,000 Valio dairy farms to play their part. The delicious and fresh, genuine taste of milk flows from knowledgeable production. Top quality is secured by healthy dairy cattle and expert milk producers supported by Valio’s first class expert advisory service. And Finland produces the EU’s cleanest milk thanks to the healthiest cows.

There are many other factors that impact quality making Valio milk a thoroughly safe ingredient. The use of genetically modified feed is not permitted at Valio and the origin and composition of the auxiliaries and additives employed in animal feed are verified. Assured quality at farms is even subject to the approval of the authorities.

Lactose free is becoming a lifestyle choice

Valio Eila™ consumer benefits extend beyond lactose free to deliver excellent taste, speciality products exclusive to the brand, and outstanding results in cooking. The brand is attracting new consumers to delicious dairy products.

Unbroken cold chain

All dairy products sold under the Valio logo in Finland are made from Finnish milk using Finnish labour. The milk’s journey from dairy farm to shop takes around 48 hours along Valio’s unbroken cold chain. Northern climes are ideal for dairy farming so our cows thrive in the challenging Finnish conditions, and that includes on the more northerly pastures. Finland is a sparsely populated country where cows graze far from cities and busy roads in true countryside.

Valio actively seeks new environmentally sound solutions in production, logistics and packaging to preserve the vitality of the Finnish countryside just as it is today. Untainted nature is the secret of high-quality milk and maintaining this rural asset is one of Valio’s key goals.

The continuous advice on environmental issues received by Valio dairy farms ensures they follow uniform guidelines. This service is underpinned by Valio’s goal oriented environmental program whose themes include e.g. saving water and energy, and decreasing the wastewater load.



Valio sets the highest standards for ingredient traceability

Butter is a notoriously difficult product to trace because its production employs cream skimmed from a number of different milk batches.

But Valio’s reporting system can trace the origin of the milk used for a specific batch of butter within just a few hours as follows:

1. Butter package details or an export order number are enough to start the trace.That information enables us to determine which butter

2. machine was used to manufacture the batch.

3. The butter machine report specifies which silos the cream was taken from. Cream silos contain the output of several milk batches.

4. Valio databases enable the raw milk batches used in cream manufacturing to be traced back to the dairy farms via collection route numbers.