Recognized for innovation

Valio lactose free semi-skimmed milk drink (now Valio Eila™ brand) picked up the Finnish Food and Drinks Industries’ Federation Star Product of the Year award in 2002, and in 2006 Valio’s lactose removal method received the European FoodTec Gold Award followed in 2008 by the Finnish Engineering Award.

European FoodTec Gold Award from the German Agricultural Society

2006: Valio’s lactose removal method won the acclaimed biannual European FoodTec Gold Award granted by Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft (German Agricultural Society) and presented to Valio at the Anuga FoodTec Exhibition that same year.

First Nordic Dairy Technology Council award

2007: Vice President Technology Dr Matti Harju received the Nordic Dairy Technology Council’s (Nordisk Mejeriteknisk Råd) first ever honorary award, for his achievements in the development of new applied milk processing technologies and Valio Zero Lactose™ technology in particular.

Finnish Engineering Award for a team effort

2008: Valio’s Zero Lactose™ milk production process development team comprising Matti Harju, Olli Tossavainen, Janne Sahlstein, Paavo Tykkyläinen and Harri Kallioinen received the Finnish Engineering Award from the Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers and Tekniska Föreningen i Finland.
The team was honoured for its adaption of a chromatographic method in use in the sugar industry, and the development of a leading edge enzyme technology for the more complete degradation of lactose, as well as a new kind of membrane separation technology.

Innovation produces patents

“Our patented method returns the minerals to the milk after the filtration process in order to restore the fresh milk taste. Overcoming the challenge of getting the taste just right was a significant achievement and one which our competitors have yet to manage,” team leader Dr Harju said at the time.

Valio holds international patents on the innovative process that it has licensed to global technology partners and enabled the development of a wide range of lactose free products.