SIAL exhibition brings customers close to lactose free product manufacturers

SIAL is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year in Paris from 19–23 October, gathering together more than 6,000 exhibitors and 150,000 visitors from over 200 countries.

“The big exhibitions make it possible to meet a large number of current and future customers within a short space of time”, says Valio’s Kari Finska, Senior Vice President for Russia, Eastern Markets and Ingredients.

“SIAL gives potential customer companies a great opportunity to acquaint themselves with Valio products. This year’s event is also a good occasion for us to find alternative customers and generate new sales to offset those lost due to the situation in Russia.”

Valio will focus in particular on its lactose free milk powders at SIAL 2014

“We have prepared ourselves very thoroughly, collecting information on lactose intolerance from around the world and with some clear ideas on how Valio’s lactose free ingredients can be put to work in customers’ business operations,” Mr. Finska explains.

Valio is one of the leading manufacturers of lactose free products in the world and the ground-breaking innovator in related technologies. It is estimated that 75% of the world population is lactose intolerant, so there’s a high demand for the products.

“The big exhibitions make it possible to meet a large number of current and future customers.”

Strong supply chain

“Valio’s strength is based on expertise and pioneering plus the cleanness and traceability of our products, where we are among the leading international players as all the raw milk that goes into those products comes from our own milk producers,” Mr. Finska points out.

“For example, elsewhere in Europe raw milk and whey must be transported across borders. That’s not a problem for Valio as all our milk and whey is produced domestically.”