Taste and Care with a new feel for Valio Gefilus®

Valio Gefilus® brand products launched in 1990 are an ideal medium for Valio’s unique lactic acid bacteria LGG®. The brand is set for greater prominence in 2014 as Hanna Savolainen reports here.

Indisputably Number 1 with consumers

Market research conducted in Finland in autumn 2013 addressing spontaneous awareness polled more than a thousand consumers on which dairy brands they could recall offering functional benefits. An extraordinary 29% of respondents identified Valio Gefilus® products and the world’s most researched lactic acid bacteria LGG®. The closest competitor scored just 5%.

Sending a new message

Valio Gefilus® is the leading brand in Finland’s functional dairy business and especially dominant in juices. On its path to continuous growth, the Valio Gefilus® brand is being renewed this year with the core message focusing on taste, caring and everyday well-being. It’s about taking care of yourself and your family’s health.

“Valio Gefilus® is about taking care of yourself
and your family’s health.”

LGG on the box as well as inside

The part played by LGG® in the success of the entire range is being stated more clearly as all the packages feature a box displaying the international trademark, valio.fi/lgg web address, and a reminder that LGG® is considered the world’s best understood lactic acid bacteria.

A new category and new products

We will continue to extend the product range and have already launched new Gefilus® juices and flavoured cultured buttermilks. Valio has also brought its dairy expertise to bear in adding a whole new segment by combining juice with milk. The common denominator is of course LGG®.

Value added juice and milk

One of the big plusses for juice-milks quite apart from LGG® is the natural components of milk such as calcium with proven health effects. Juices with all the benefits of milk, and vice-versa. There’s also more mouthfeel and a softer taste than regular juice.

New for 2014

Standout launches are two tasty additions to the revolutionary juice-milk category, mango-vanilla and peach-sea buckthorn, a premium local berry. In existing categories there’s a Valio Gefilus® 100% fresh juice in delicious pear flavour with LGG®. Plus blueberry and mango cultured buttermilks along with new package options in other flavours.

A greater marketing presence

All the launches will be accompanied by a strong media campaign, especially in the form of TV ads. They reflect the more caring concept and target new markets, as you can see on Youtube. The brand’s Internet presence will be further supported with a Valio recipe pack, including instructions for making smoothies and other tasty treats from the new juice-milks and cultured buttermilks.