Taste first

“Taste is a comprehensive sensory experience,” explains SVP Product Development Tiina Hämäläinen at Valio Fresh Dairy.

Valentine’s Day tastes like rose petals. Christmas tastes like prunes and raisins. Tastes create spontaneous associations in people and are powerfully linked to emotions.

That’s why flavour development at Valio is such precise work. We want consumers to experience enjoyable moments and delicious sensations. Our choice of flavour is affected by a number of factors including product brand, target group preferences, and key trends. Taste is a comprehensive sensory experience.

Flavour pleasantness, along with mouthfeel, is always tested by Valio’s professional tasters, and often on consumers, too. Once the product has been perfected in R&D, the Business Unit will make the launch decision. Consumers may then get the opportunity to experience a new flavour.

Valio R&D

  • Valio has more than 110 years of experience as a developer and manufacturer of tasty products, launching more than 100 novelties annually.
  • Personnel 111, of which ca. 50% work in NPD and 50% in research.
  • 50 patent families covering 351 patents in 50 countries.
  • R&D budget 13 M€ (ca. 0.8% of the company’s net turnover).
  • Substance areas are product development, dairy technology, chemistry and nutrition as well as a strong consumer insight.