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Valio at Food Ingredients Asia 2019

Valio at Food Ingredients Asia 2019

Finnish dairy innovation helps food manufacturers to cater to the needs of ageing adults. Seniors and their families want to invest in healthy ageing and happy later life. With Valio’s pure Nordic dairy ingredients and latest innovation, food manufacturers can add the benefits of phospholipids on cognitive health and create desirable functional food products for healthy ageing.

Make business with premium ageing nutrition

As good nutrition has a scientifically proven link to healthy ageing, the expanding elderly population and their wellbeing provides great potential for the food industry. With the right innovations supporting healthy ageing with nutrition, the food industry can make their products desirable for ageing adults, just as the beauty and personal care industry has done.

“Out of all industries, I believe that the food and nutrition industries have perhaps the most significant means to ensure healthy ageing. As consumers, older adults could be described as foodies with emphasis on healthiness. We make about 200 food related choices every day, so there is plenty of opportunity to nudge older adults towards better food choices”, says Dr Minja Miettinen, Senior Research Manager, Research and Innovations at Valio.