Valio baby food – healthy quality nutrition for children

We at Valio recognize that babies have special requirements for their healthy nutrition. That’s why we provide a wide range of options for feeding small children with the highest quality baby food, based on fresh Finnish milk.

Caring for babies – society’s most fragile members – has been Valio’s mission since 1955 when we introduced our very first Valio Baby Energa powdered milk formula. Today, Valio's mission remains as important as ever, providing mothers with nutritious, safe and healthy options for feeding their babies.

From ingredients to ready-made baby food

“Valio provides a range of options for feeding a baby from ingredients for baby formulas to ready-made products for babies to eat,” explains Terhi Sinkko-Hynninen, Category Manager for Valio baby food. “And mothers and our clients appreciate the pure high quality Finnish milk that Valio can offer from our farm cooperatives. What babies eat is the matter of the heart at Valio,” she adds.

The best quality ingredients provide healthy nutrition

Valio has a long history of providing ingredients for the infant formula industry, and today, Valio offers products, such as milk powders, demineralised whey powders or more advanced tailored blends where customers can opt to add milk, whey, fats or vitamins depending on the requirements of their local markets. Customers simply need to add their own branding and packaging, and they can offer healthy nutrition for babies on their market.

“The quality of our products stems from the quality of the milk itself. We are a dairy company, and we only use our own fresh raw materials,” says Research and Product development Manager Pia Ollikainen. “Freshness is something you can taste.

The convenient liquid formulas feed babies safely

Another area where Valio know-how leads the way is the “ready-to-feed” sector in baby foods. In Finland, 90% of infant formula on the market is liquid, ready-to-feed, and just 10% is powdered. At a global level the figures are almost reversed, and growth is now seen globally in the demand for liquid ready-to-feed baby formulas. In markets like Japan for example, we have seen a rising interest for liquid infant formulas to feed children in natural disaster situations where fresh water can be unavailable, or just as a highly interesting new form of infant formula to make life easier for families with small children. “Families and customers appreciate Valio quality, that’s the main thing,” says Sinkko-Hynninen. “When the consumers, the babies, are so sensitive, then parents have to trust products more than 100%."

Valio baby food solutions

Ingredients for Baby Food

Valio Demi™ demineralised whey powders, Valio milk powders, Valio Eila™ Lactose free milk powders.

Tailored Blends

Blends of high quality ingredients made according to your specified requirements.

Premix Solutions

IMF (infant milk formula) base powders ranging from Valio’s own high-quality recipes to fully customized solutions.

Consumer Pack Solutions

Valio can also deliver complete infant formula powders and RTF (ready to feed) liquids packaged for consumer use.