Valio brings well-being to Sweden

Valio has five subsidiaries abroad. Valio Sverige Ab in Sweden was established in 1994 in line with Valio Group’s objective to become a more international player, and to provide Swedish customers and consumers with tasty, high quality products made from Finnish milk.

A broad range of value added products

Today, Valio Sverige has 50 staff working in sales and marketing on a broad range of fresh dairy products such as yoghurts, milk, cooking products and butter, offering more than 60 items emphasising health and well-being, delivering value added for consumers.

“Our mission as for Valio Group as a whole is to maximize the value of our milk. During the last ten years Valio has achieved continuous growth in Sweden and net sales in 2012 stood at 740 MSEK,” says Iiro Wester, Managing Director of Valio Sverige Ab.

The Valio Sverige sales team operates in all regions of the country and negotiates with retail chains and food service wholesalers. All Valio retail products sold in Sweden are made in Finland, from where Valio delivers the products direct to its Swedish customers’ centralised warehouses. These warehouses distribute the products to the stores.

“Valio was first in Sweden with lactose free
milk in 2002.”

Market leader in lactose free products

Swedish consumers strongly connect Valio with lactose free products and yoghurts.

“Valio was first in Sweden with lactose free milk in 2002. Today we are the market leader in the Swedish lactose free dairy retail segment,” says Mr Wester.

Valio was also first in Sweden with its Vanilla Yoghurt concept in 2001, and today holds second position in the yoghurt retail segment. Valio Fruktyoghurt™ is a new fruit yoghurt concept, launched in September 2013.

“Competition in the lactose free category is fiercer than ever with private labels making greater inroads during the past two years and products are now present in all the main categories,” Mr Wester explains.

Valio has nevertheless maintained its market leadership. Unique lactose free products made from milk produced by cows that receive only GMO-free feed, combined with Valio's proprietary and innovative lactose free technology that preserves the natural milk flavour and all its nutrients, evidently continues to appeal to consumers.

The knowledge and competence that Valio has in this area is genuinely valuable, and both customers and consumers are provided with education and facts about lactose intolerance and nutrition in general.

Consumers want well-being

The Swedes' interest in well-being, health and fitness combined with their wish to eat well is constantly on the rise. This gives Valio opportunities to introduce new and interesting concepts for customers and consumers. The journey to develop good, healthy products for people’s well-being continues.

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