Valio Eila® demonstrates lactose free expertise and innovation in Sweden

With a strong consumer base for its especially wide range of lactose free products, Valio Sweden was entrusted with the launch of the next generation Valio Eila® lactose free milk, a new kind of milk suitable for even more sensitive stomachs.

Building and developing loyalty

In an historic move that kickstarted a brand new dairy market in the country, Sweden in 2002 saw Valio launch a wholly lactose free milk that tastes just like ordinary milk.

Taste in combination with timing, hard work and consistency based on a clear message that supports consumer needs has enabled us to build and maintain market leadership, says Marie Eklund, Marketing Manager at Valio Sverige.

From niche to mainstream

Some 10% of Sweden’s population is lactose intolerant, and when lactose free products arrived in the country they were initially viewed as health items. But this has changed as awareness has grown significantly during the last decade. Lactose free has become something that more and more consumers want to try.

“Lactose free has become something that more and more consumers want to try.”

Better with lactose free

Many people, whether or not they are lactose intolerant, report that they feel better consuming lactose free products. So the market shift has been driven as much by positive consumer experiences as by product development and public health care initiatives, says Swedish dietician Anna Ottosson.

Communication and marketing

Our commitment to inform and enlighten consumers led us at one time to create a special message we framed “Mjölkmage” (milk stomach). It describes the feeling of having a swollen stomach, something that plagues lactose intolerants who want to drink and enjoy milk.

Marketing measures of late have focused on communicating the Valio Eila® brand name and what it stands for to a wider audience. We have maintained our packaging designs, now carrying the Valio Eila® logo, Marie concludes.