Valio Lactose Free Milks Going Global

Valio is stepping up its direct penetration of lactose free milk consumer markets beyond neighbouring countries and those already served by the company’s foreign subsidiaries. The new and revamped products are bound early on for sale in Central Europe and China.

Continuously developing technologies

Valio is the true pioneer in lactose free dairy. After launching the world’s first totally lactose free milk drink in Finland in 2001, the company proceeded to develop a complete range for local markets and license the technology worldwide.

Next generation Valio Eila® patented technology for lactose free dairy partly digests the proteins making products ideal for consumers with an even more sensitive stomach. Research indicates that incompletely digested milk proteins in the GI tract may cause unpleasant stomach symptoms.

Premium milk, authentic taste

Valio offers the widest selection of naturally healthy, high-quality lactose free products made from premium Finnish milk. Our unique production process guarantees products entirely without lactose yet with all the natural taste, vitamins and minerals people expect. Valio has the expertise, experience and passion to make the very best milks for consumers everywhere, says Pia Jormanainen, SVP Business Development New Markets.

Easy to digest

Valio’s growing lactose free international range includes a next generation semi-skimmed milk drink, a high protein milk drink, the brand new Barista milk for coffee aficionados, whipping cream, butter and a spread. There’s more in the pipeline, all are easy to digest and made in Finland from the finest fresh raw milk.



Valio Lactose Free semi-skimmed milk drink tastes exactly like fresh milk with none of the sweetness of lactose adjusted products. A refreshing cold drink, good with coffee or tea, and for cooking and baking.

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Valio Barista Milk, developed working with expert baristas, froths well and is soft with small bubble foam making it easy to handle and pour. The ideal choice for hot and cold drinks. Lactose free and fat free.

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Consumption of lactose free products may help to decrease gastrointestinal discomfort caused by lactose intake in lactose intolerant individuals. Enjoy as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.