Valio Lactose Free powder for consumers presents a new opportunity at the right time

Valio has developed the first fully soluble entirely lactose free milk powder for consumers, delivering a new and proven world leading technology to capture a thirsty market, says Päivi Saarentola, Valio Marketing Manager for Consumer Milk Powders.

Ready-made markets ripe for massive growth

The initial target markets are areas where liquid milk prepared at home from a soluble milk powder is the norm, namely the Far East and Asia.

These are also the parts of the world where lactose intolerance is most prevalent yet milk nutrients are an essential part of the local diet.

Easy to digest because milk nutrients matter

Valio has made the new powders especially easy to digest so lactose intolerant consumers benefit quickly from the milk nutrients, high protein content and added vitamin D. These qualities also apply to people who can tolerate lactose better.

Value added for mixed market trends

Valio’s lactose free consumer SMP has a 47% protein content compared with 35% for standard milk powders, enabling licensees to capitalise on the established popularity of protein products.

"Valio skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk soluble powders provide for any number of occasions and applications, serving each market with the right choice."

Along with authenticity and safety, consumers everywhere value a secure supply chain, pure natural products, good quality and great taste. In some territories, the Valio brand already supports early penetration.

Good business, instant results

While lactose reduced powders are available in some markets, Valio is first to produce soluble lactose free powder with the taste of real of milk.

For our customers, it’s a textbook example of adopting innovative technology to satisfy a developing need and raise competitiveness. In this case, the technology is proven, the need is already there, and sales are booming. The critical factor is buying into the best-fit product, the world’s only entirely lactose free instant milk powder.

To find out more contact Kaisa Karhunen, Sales Manager for Consumer Products, and come and talk to us at Anuga!