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Valio products nominated for SIAL Innovations 2016

Valio products nominated for SIAL Innovations 2016

Five Valio products have been chosen for SIAL Innovation Selection 2016.

The SIAL innovation nomination recognises the most innovative products presented by the SIAL exhibitors. “Thanks to years of intensive research and our strong innovative culture, we continue to introduce ground-breaking dairy innovations. The SIAL Selection is absolute proof that Valio is the most innovative dairy company in the world. This may be the first time that five products have been selected from a single company,” says Paavo Salminen, Export Director at Valio.

Light spread with quark

Valio Better™ blended spread with quark

Valio has created a new type of spread with a delicious, fresh taste and good nutritional values by blending quark, rapeseed oil and butter. Valio Better™ contains 40% fat with a low milk fat percentage of 13% and salt content of only 0.9 g/100 g.

Less salt

Valio Oivariini® less salt blended spread

Valio ValSa® milk salt has made it possible for us to develop a new variant of Valio Oivariini® blended spread with a salt content of only 0.6%, which has the same full taste as the original Valio Oivariini® spread. Low salt content and great taste!

Less sugar

Valio Play® children’s snack range

The new Valio Play® snacks include a children’s yoghurt range with 40% less added sugar, and yoghurt puddings with 30% less added sugar, all without compromising on taste. Children themselves played the key role in inspiring the development of the flavours.

Less salt

Valio Polar® 15% less salt cheese slices

A new variant of Valio Polar® cheese has a salt content of only 0.6% and the same delicious taste as the original cheese. This is due to new Valio ValSa® milk salt – resulting in the world’s first cheese combining such a low salt content and full taste.

Lactose free

Valio lactose free milk powders

Valio lactose free milk powders are especially easy to digest so consumers quickly benefit from the milk nutrients, high protein content and added vitamin D.