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Valio unveils on-trend food solutions at the world’s biggest food innovation exhibition – SIAL Paris

Valio unveils on-trend food solutions at the world’s biggest food innovation exhibition - SIAL Paris

At Valio we are cementing our position as the most innovative dairy company in the world, from Finland, taking our pioneering products and food solutions to the stage at SIAL exhibition in Paris.

IAL runs from 21-25 October and provides inspiration to the best in the food industry as the world’s biggest food innovation exhibition, with 7,020 companies from more than 100 different countries presenting their products to retail and foodservice professionals.

We are so excited to showcase our latest food innovations and tailor-made solutions, created in response to growing demand for healthy products.

Activity on the stand will include live demonstrations from Valio chefs who will utilise fresh Finnish ingredients to serve a menu of delicious food for visitors to taste.

Valio MiFU® meat free solution

Valio’s new hero dairy innovation, Valio MiFU®, is set to astound show-goers as a natural and tasty alternative to meat that is made of nutritious milk protein, which satisfies a distinct gap in the market.

Valio MiFU® is an easy and ideal solution as a modern meal and for flexible lifestyles, and for those who want to reduce their meat consumption with natural meat alternatives.

MiFU® is rich in the high quality protein naturally found in milk and is also a natural source of calcium, vitamin B12 and zinc.

Fresh and pre-cooked, Valio MiFU® is a meat-free culinary masterpiece, so much so that it has been hand-picked by the Consumer Goods Committee for the ‘SIAL Innovation Selection’. Valio Oddlygood® oat-based yogurt alternatives have also been selected.

Food solutions for global producers

We will also exhibit our food ingredients solutions, which supply some of the world’s biggest producers, in 50 markets, including baby food, bakery, confectionary, special nutrition and dairy. Like all Valio products, Valio food ingredients consist of pure, high quality Finnish milk with fully traceable ingredients, offering naturally excellent nutritional qualities and the flavoursome sensory properties. We provide expert tailormade solutions to our clients based on their needs, advised by our in-depth understanding of consumer insights and knowledge on the latest food trends, including high protein, low sugar and lactose free. Valio experts will be on the stand throughout SIAL to give insight into how Valio food ingredients can elevate food manufacturers’ businesses.