Valio Vantaa is the processed cheese specialist

Valio’s Vantaa plant manufactures all Valio processed cheeses sold in Finland as well as a large proportion of those that go for export. The plant generates employment in the Helsinki metropolitan area and makes tasty products enjoyed in Finland and abroad.

Vantaa is the home of Valio Koskenlaskija®

Valio Vantaa makes processed cheeses and also matures and packs other Valio cheeses. There are separate packing lines for cheese blocks, grated cheese and cheese slices. The plant manufactures and packs more than 30 million kilos of cheese annually, two-thirds of which is processed.

The Vantaa plant’s star product is Valio Koskenlaskija®, the most popular processed cheese in Finland thanks to its full and delicious taste. Koskenlaskija® has been on the market for 80 years and sales have increased steadily for the last 20 years. While the cheese recipe has remained the same, new flavours have been added over time. The Vantaa plant has been producing Valio Koskenlaskija® since 1989.

Other processed cheeses familiar to Finns include Valio Aamupala®, Valio Olympia and Valio Kippari®, all manufactured in Vantaa.

Valio Viola® processed cheese is a favourite in Russia

Most of the processed cheeses manufactured at the Vantaa plant are exported. The key destination is Russia where Valio Viola® processed cheese has achieved great popularity. The Valio Viola® cheese triangles sold in Russia are manufactured in Moscow.

In 2013, Valio Viola® processed cheese won three prizes in a cheese and butter quality competition in Russia.

Valio started out in Vantaa in 1963, setting up a cheese warehouse. Processed cheese manufacture and cheese packing came on line in 1973. In addition to its current range, the Vantaa plant has at one time or another manufactured e.g. processed cheeses packed in metal cans, and some exported to the Middle East under the Smeds brand.

Continuous development brings success

In an increasingly competitive cheese market, high-quality products, skilled personnel and production revamping are the keys to the success of the Vantaa plant. Investments valued at around 8 million euros are being implemented including a new cleaning centre and slicing line, alongside an upgrade to the packing unit.

Valio Vantaa employs some 280 people in the Helsinki metropolitan area, comprising the plant’s own personnel and subcontractors’ staff working in the plant area. Others have benefitted from jobs in logistics, with around 100 people involved in the distribution of Valio products in the metropolitan area itself.

Valio’s Vantaa plant contributed an income in excess of 16 million euros to the area in 2012. That includes personnel salaries and taxes as well as the local water, energy and service purchases made by the plant.

"High-quality products, skilled personnel and production revamping are the keys to the success of the Vantaa plant."

Vantaa is the fourth biggest city in Finland measured by population. Originally known as the Helsinki Rural Commune, Vantaa earned full city status in 1974 and has made a name for itself as a major traffic hub, hosting a number of motorway and rail connections plus Finland’s largest airport. These robust links have generated significant industrial and business activity in Vantaa. The city’s coat of arms depicts a salmon tail and perhaps unsurprisingly the traditional local dish is salmon soup!