Valio's ethical principles

Valio’s responsibility entails the obligation to respond to the expectations of key stakeholders and promote their well-being. At the same time, we recognise they may have conflicting expectations. Our responsibility also entails open and honest interaction with stakeholders.

Valio’s ethical principles act as guidelines for the personnel to ensure that Valio operates in accordance with its corporate responsibility. Guidelines for responsible business operations and the ethical principles are reviewed during orientation for new employees, which is the responsibility of their supervisor.

General and business guidelines

• Valio products are safe.

• Valio complies with agreements and the law, and the fundamental rights at work set out by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

• Valio Group’s supervision of interests, and activities in various communities, are open and aim to promote the success of the dairy industry and benefit consumers.

• Valio’s communication principles are timeliness, truthfulness, and interaction. We comply with data security principles in handling information related to individuals.

• Valio marketing complies with the principles of truth, equality, good conduct, and safety.

• Valio grants, on consideration, political subsidies according to the equality principle, to candidates who Valio believes act in a manner that promotes Valio’s business environment.

• Valio complies with good administrative practice at all organisation levels. No member of staff can, for example, approve their own invoices.

• Valio Group’s supervision of interests, and activities in various communities, are open, promote the success of the dairy industry, and comply with competition law. Valio anticipates legislation that affects its operations, and aims to prepare for it in a controlled fashion.

• Failure to comply with the ethical principles will be investigated appropriately and measures taken if required.

Taking business partners into account

• Valio favours its partners in the manner permitted by law and targets mutual success.

• Valio does not set unreasonable contractual terms.

• Valio favours competitive local players.

• Valio purchases goods only from suppliers that have passed our approval procedures.

Personnel guidelines

• We act with honesty.

• We treat our colleagues in an appropriate and respectful manner.

• We comply with data security principles in handling information related to individuals.

• We do not disclose Valio’s or its business partners’ business secrets.

• We protect the intellectual property rights of Valio’s brands through our actions.

• We do not accept or offer bribes; or gifts of goods, food, drink, trips, of inappropriate value, or any other unearned benefits.

• Any gifts we do receive do not affect our decisions, and we do not try to influence officials or politicians by questionable means.

• We do not participate in projects that may cause a conflict of interest between an individual’s financial position and that of Valio or Valio’s partners.

• We report any illegal or unethical activities we observe to the CEO, the Legal Affairs unit or the Risk Management unit; this can be done anonymously. Reports are investigated and any necessary action taken where required. No negative consequences shall attach to the person who submitted the report.

• Valio pays for the participation of its employees on trips arranged by Valio’s partners or customers.

• Supervisors familiarise new employees with Valio’s principles of responsible operations and ethical guidelines.

• We take responsibility for the outcomes of our own work in accordance with Valio’s value “We Make the Best”.