Valio’s principles for responsible business operations

Valio’s responsibility entails the obligation to respond to the expectations of key stakeholders and promote their well-being. At the same time, we recognise they may have conflicting expectations. Our responsibility also entails open and honest interaction with stakeholders.

Consumer expectations

  • Valio develops products that are valued by consumers. Valio interacts with consumers in product development.
  • Valio products are safe and traceable. Ingredients are purchased from companies whose operations are examined for reliability and responsibility, and audited if required.
  • Products sold under the Valio brand in Finland are always manufactured in Finland using Finnish raw milk.
  • Products sold under the Alma brand in Estonia are always manufactured in Estonia.

Reducing the environmental load. See From the perspective of the national economy

Personnel expectations

  • Valio enables staff to take personal responsibility for their own work through high-quality management, utilises individuals’ strengths, shares a common concept of quality, and provides tools and goals. The bases for performance measurement and reward are clearly defined.
  • Valio applies personnel principles: openness, fairness and equality.
  • Valio provides a safe and pleasant working environment and good terms of employment.

Valio Group owner entrepreneurs’ expectations

  • Valio pays Europe’s highest price for raw milk to the co-operatives and processes all the milk they produce.
  • Valio openly provides information about its business.
  • Valio supports the milk producers’ work.
  • Valio supports the promotion of animal well-being.
  • Valio promotes resource efficiency in milk production and consequently the reduction of environmental load.

Customer expectations

  • Valio offers on transparent terms commercially attractive products that are profitable for retailers.
  • Valio’s product range is continuously renewed and Valio possesses know-how in product group management.
  • Valio offers value added for FS and industrial customers.
  • Supply performance guarantees availability on shop shelves.
  • Valio meets customer requirements and in-house control guarantees product safety.

Expectations of goods and services suppliers

  • Valio complies with good business practices.
  • Valio engages in long-term partnerships to develop profitable business.
  • Valio favours competitive local partners in all countries.

From the perspective of the national economy

  • Valio Group generates value and well-being in society through innovation, employment, investment, and charitable practices.
  • Valio provides emergency supplies of dairy products.
  • Valio reduces the environmental load of manufacturing and primary production.
  • Valio complies with the law, good business practice, and the national constitution.
  • National nutrition recommendations are taken into account in product development.