Valio milk powders

Valio milk powder is in a convenient and well-preserved form. This practical product does not require cold storage and is suitable for everyday use and cooking in the home kitchen.

Valio milk powders are classic products that have been on the market in Finland since the 1950s. Valio milk powders are manufactured from 100% high quality pure Finnish milk, subject to Valio’s strict quality controls and product safety.

Valio milk powders keep a natural taste, of fresh milk, without sweeteners.

There are two different types of powders: lactose-free skimmed milk powder and skimmed milk powder.

Valio Skimmed milk powder

Valio skimmed milk powder does not require cold storage, which is why it is an excellent milk resource for a home kitchen, and tours.

Valio Lactose free Skimmed milk powder

Valio Lactose-free skimmed milk powder is ideal for cooking and baking. Instant means that the powder dissolves rapidly in liquids. Valio lactose free skimmed milk powder integrates Valio’own patented lactose free technology. Valio lactose free skimmed milk powder is easy to digest: the product is lactose free and contains calcium. Valio lactose-free skimmed milk powder suits even those who avoid milk due to unpleasant side effects of lactose intolerance.

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