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For decades, our technological innovations, excellence in R&D, consumer insight and expertise in pure and sustainable dairy products have helped us create unique brands such as Valio PROfeel® protein snacks, Valio Eila® lactose free milk and Valio Gefilus® kefir. Take a look at Valio’s product and concept portfolio for your business development.

Brands for consumers

Valio Eila® lactose free

The best taste in your dairy products – without lactose

Valio PROfeel®

Easy way to add protein to your diet – tasty protein snacks


Quality butter and cheese created by our Master Butter and Cheese makers

Valio spreadable and cheese with ValSa®

New innovation that combines great taste with less salt


Trust your gut

Valio MiFU®

For simple and healthy meat-free cooking
Decade after decade, our innovations have put us at the forefront of emerging trends. Simply put, we make what consumers want.

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Are you looking for innovative, healthy dairy products or ingredients? Find out what we’re working on at Valio and how we can help your business flourish.

Corporate social responsibility

A target-oriented sustainability programme is part of our strategy. Providing solutions for the changing needs and challenges of the consumers, society and the environment is at the core of our operation.

Trend tracking is key to knowing your customers

The world today is changing at an ever-increasing pace. And the world of food is no exception. Consumers are demanding innovative food products that speak to their changing attitudes across a range of issues, from health and wellness, to convenience, style and ethical concerns.

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We are farmer-owned

Valio is a co-operative owned by Finnish family farmers who are devoted to their work and proud of the pure, high-quality milk they produce.

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