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Thanks to our excellence R&D and marketing, consumer insight and an open culture that supports creative product and brand development, Valio offers a product and concept portfolio for your business development.

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Valio Gefilus®

Build your inner strength. It all begins with the gut!

Valio Valsa®

Full taste, less salt.

Valio Premium butter

Butter at its finest.

Valio lactose-free

The best taste - without lactose.

Consumer products

Created from the purest Finnish milk, Valio’s value-added consumer products offer high quality and natural taste.

Milk & Cooking

Milk powders


Finnish goodness so clever you can feel it!

Valio offers the broadest selection of naturally healthy, high-quality products made from premium Finnish milk. Our innovations have put us at the forefront of emerging trends.

What makes Valio milk the best?

Top-quality milk production builds on Valio taking responsibility for the well-being of cows, including sustainable, ethical feeding practices and good hygiene.

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Valio milk production in Finland is GMO-free

Consumers in Finland and abroad are asking for GMO-free alternatives and appreciate milk production that does not use genetically modified ingredients.

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Head of Europe sales

Export Manager

Aapo Kukkonen

Head of MENA sales

Export Manager

Henrik Yli-Seppälä

Consumer products East and Central Europe

Export Manager

Lev Rubinstein

Consumer products West and Central Europe

Export Manager

Anette Almi