Valio butter 200g salted

Valio Master Butter Makers butter is premium artisan butter and it is produced to match the tastes customers seek - natural purity, craftsmanship, provenance and quality ingredients. We produce the best butter thanks to a century of expertise and our Northern climate. Valio premium butter meets the demand for first class butter for baking, spreading and cooking. The characteristics of arctic dairy farming provide a better tasting butter because of its milk fat composition, created by the combination of Finland’s short growing season and long summer days, which have a special effect on plants and nutritional composition.

Product Information
IngredientsPasteurised cream (milk).
Nutritional information (average/100g)
Energy2984 kJ / 713 kcal
Fat80 g
of which saturates45 g
Carbohydrate0.8 g
of which sugars0.8 g
Protein0.6 g
Salt1.4 g
Lactose0.8 g