Valio lactose free whole milk powder instant

Premium Finnish milk powder with all the good nutrition of milk. Suitable for drinking, cooking and baking. Valio lactose free milk powders are made with patented technology: less than 0.01% lactose in ready to use product/milk. High protein content. Natural taste of milk without extra sweetness. For one glass of milk, add 20g of powder to 200 ml water.

Product Information
IngredientsWhole milk, emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), vitamin D.
Nutritional information (average/100g)
Energy2087 kJ / 498 kcal
Fat27 g
of which saturates18 g
Carbohydrate32 g
of which sugars32 g
Protein32 g
Salt0.85 g
Vitamin D8 µg
Vitamin B126.0 µg
Potassium1400 mg
Calcium1000 mg
Iodine100 µg
Lactose< 0.1 g

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