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Find out what’s cooking at Valio: what we’re working on and how you can best market products and concepts realized by our technologies and ingredients.

Perfect quality

The Valio quality chain is unique: our comprehensive system extends throughout the production of chain from dairy farm to final products.

How does the quality chain work?

Ongoing innovation making more from milk

Valio makes what consumers want. Decade after decade, our innovations have put us at the forefront of emerging trends. Value added products are now to be launched in new categories.

Valio Eila® - enjoy freely

The demand for lactose free products is growing rapidly around the world. Valio has the leading expertise and most comprehensive product range in the dairy industry.

How is it made possible?

Less salt – same great taste

Valio ValSa® milk salt. We have developed a unique innovation to reduce the amount of salt in food without compromising on taste.

Gut feeling

The gut has a direct effect on our health. When it is well, the body and mind feel well, too. Lactic acid bacteria have a beneficial effect on intestinal bacteria.

Valio Gefilus® - build your inner strength!

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