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Foods & Functionals is a digital magazine that opens a window into the world of Valio. It offers interesting background information and exciting product news in a stylized package.
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Valio – #1 of Finland’s Most Sustainable Companies in 2017

At the core of Valio’s business strategy is a commitment to responsible, sustainable business operations.

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Taking Probiotics to New Markets: The Gefilus Go-To-Market Strategy

Before Valio launched its Valio Gefilus® probiotics product range in a new market, it conducted extensive data and customer research.

Valio – Pioneer in Lactose Free Dairy

We at Valio can break the common misconception that because a product is lactose free it might also be flavour free.

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Valio Valsa – Reducing Salt for Better Health

Salt has a huge impact on taste but too much salt is a risk for health. Fortunately, Valio Valsa® offers a lower salt intake with same taste.

Finnish dairy is born at devoted family farms

Valio dairy products come from Finnish family farms. To be a Valio dairy farmer is to be part of a rich tradition of farming culture, sharing a collective pride in the land, the cows and the milk.

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