Active seniors enjoy versatile Eila™ Nutri F+ protein powder

Active seniors are looking for easy and effortless ways to add protein, vitamins, and minerals into their diet.

The older you get, the more difficult it is to change your eating habits. This means that the products targeted at seniors need to be versatile to use and easy to add to their current diet.

Senior fitness enthusiasts are always looking for more protein

We asked active, CrossFit-practising seniors what they think of different Valio Eila™ Nutri F+ applications and how they would use them in their everyday lives. The versatile protein powder was a winning solution.

These are not your average senior citizens, but a group of eight senior functional fitness enthusiasts, who get together weekly to practise one of the most varied high-intensity training regimens. As active athletes, they are constantly struggling to include enough protein in their diet, making them perfect subjects for our small taste test.

Even in such a seemingly uniform group, it is clear to see that one size does not fit all. This is why we got our athletes to test out two different applications: Valio Eila™ Nutri F+ protein puddings and protein powder.

Diverse tastes call for versatile products

The senior fitness enthusiasts lauded the pudding for being an easy, nutritious snack that doesn’t contain too much sugar. It was also considered a great, healthy dessert option with its pleasant mouthfeel and flavour.

The protein powder was used by some as a traditional protein shake, but also added to smoothies, soups, yoghurt, and porridge. Some more surprising uses were also mentioned — one participant even used it to make mashed potatoes! The powder was well liked for its versatility, and the mild, neutral, and milky flavour made the product a favourite among the taste testers.

Multiple applications to meet the needs of active seniors

Valio Eila™ Nutri F+ is tailored to the needs of senior citizens. It can be used in multiple applications to add protein, phospholipids, as well as various vitamins and minerals that are specifically needed for healthy aging. All applications are lactose free and high in protein.

Currently available applications:

  1. Healthy aging powder application is an easy, ready-to-use powder product with a fresh, milky taste.
  2. RTU healthy nutritional drink application has good drinkability and low viscosity with an excellent taste profile. Good processing properties in ESL and UHT treatments.
  3. High protein pudding applications have a smooth texture, delicious taste, and excellent nutritional values.
  4. Convenience food application recipes have been developed for adults to provide foods with better nutritional values.

Want to know more about these product applications?

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