Choose the best partner for infant nutrition – Heritage and innovation are the core of Valio R&D

Valio has been developing infant nutrition for 70 years, constantly innovating, improving, and creating new solutions for those most important customers — the children.

From the world’s first ready-to-feed UHT IMF to a new dry-blending milk powder, Valio has never stopped innovating

Valio R&D was established more than a 100 years ago and it has accomplished such feats as being the first in the world to launch a ready-to-feed UHT IMF. The pioneering R&D currently holds over 350 patents and has even won a Nobel Prize . This is our heritage: using science to always be on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to dairy and especially in baby foods.

Our most recent innovation, Valio Prime SMP is specifically designed to make IMF dry-blending as easy as possible. Infant formula manufacturers no longer need to invest in wet-blending facilities to grow their business but can use Valio Prime SMP to dry-blend the formulas instead. Dry blending saves both time and money.

State-of-the-art facilities with the highest possible standards create the cleanest and purest infant nutrition

Valio’s Lapinlahti plant with its IMF-dedicated production line is located in the middle of clean and pure nature in the heart of the Finnish dairy country. The milk is delivered from nearby farms, where the cows are treated as family members. The facility has its own cheese factory, which means the fresh whey needed for IMF comes from the same plant. The whey is even demineralized in-house.

Everything in our process is optimised for safety according to the highest standards and strictest specifications. It starts with Finnish milk that is clean, pure, and antibiotic-free, making it an optimal material for IMF products. The milk is fully traceable from the farm to our state-of-the-art facilities.

Infant formula manufacturers benefit from Valio’s expertise – one-stop shop for ingredients, recipes, processes, and packaging

Safe to say, we at Valio know what infant formula manufacturers need to make the safest, purest, and most well-balanced baby foods. Our comprehensive product selection ranges from infant-grade ingredients and base powders for IMF and baby food to consumer-packed infant nutrition solutions.

As our collaborator, you can benefit from our IMF processes based on wet blending, dry blending, as well as premium packing. From a wide range of options for recipes and packing, we can flexibly tailor a product to suit your market-specific needs. Our experts can also help you create new recipes, processes, and packaging.

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