Mengniu Deluxe Ice Cream — Low lactose ice cream with higher protein content

Creating a delicious premium better-for-you ice cream

Deluxe is the premium ice cream brand of Mengniu, one of the leading dairy product manufacturers in China. The customer wanted to lower the lactose content and increase the protein content of the final ice cream product without affecting taste and texture. It also wanted to strengthen its leadership in the premium ice cream category with high-quality dairy ingredients.

Meet the consumer needs of digestive comfort

Dairy-based ice creams with claims of digestive well-being interest consumers globally. The message from the consumers is clear. They are looking for products that do not cause digestive symptoms but still allow them to enjoy indulgent treats like ice cream.

Valio’s patented lactose free technology and Valio Eila® milk powders contain fully predigested lactose (max 0.1% lactose) to support digestive wellness.* With Valio Eila® powders it was possible to gain the creaminess and fresh and pure taste of milk to ice cream alongside low lactose and free from lactose benefits.

Product is sold in Universal Studios Beijing and Disneyland Shanghai.

Valio Eila® specialty milk powders improve scoopability and overall texture due to ice crystal size optimization.

The ice crystal size is significantly reduced to less than 30 micrometres, as opposed to more than 35 micrometres in ice cream made with standard milk powder.

Protein gives green light to indulgence

The global protein market is continuing to grow. Protein hits the sweet spot of many consumer trends, which suggests the commercial potential of an expanding consumer base who are seeking permissible indulgences. The preference for better-for-you choices is growing in all age groups and offers significant business potential for many categories.

With our protein-rich milk powder (protein content of Valio Eila® PRO milk powders ranges from 32 g to 47 g per 100 g), customers can make ice cream with less carbohydrates. Increasing the protein content in ice cream usually leads to a sandy and hard texture, whereas our protein-rich milk powder assures a smooth and pleasant consistency.

Easy to take into process

Customers value that Valio Eila® specialty milk powders are easy to incorporate into manufacturing processes and to use instead of regular milk powder. They offer clean label solutions keeping the ingredient list short and simple.

Valio Eila PRO® specialty milk powder was the right dairy ingredient as the higher protein content versus standard milk powder, lactose free level, and high-quality milk from Finland enabled Mengniu to create a new premium recipe with creamy taste, smooth texture, and better nutritional values.

*Foods with reduced amounts of lactose may help to reduce gastro-intestinal discomfort caused by lactose intake in lactose intolerant individuals.

Ice Cream Benefit Machine

Our ice cream solutions allow you to control ice crystal formation for better texture, reduce sugar without artificial additives, and so much more. Use our Benefit Machine to find the best ingredients for your needs.

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Our label-friendly solutions allow you to create delicious premium ice cream with enhanced texture and taste. In addition, the solution allows desirable nutrition benefits like less sugar, lactose free, and high protein using our label-friendly ingredients. Download ice cream leaflet to learn more.

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