New food trends offer commercial benefits for bakeries

With the global health crisis changing consumer preferences in new and unexpected ways, it’s beneficial for us all to understand the new possibilities future food trends offer. Here’s a look on bakeries and what we think are the key trends affecting them in 2021.

Strongly influenced by behavioral and societal changes that have emerged since the beginning of the pandemic, consumers become more attentive to their health and will be keen to boost their wellbeing. This is true for bakeries as well: with bakery products often associated with snacks, consumers will want products that offer genuine nutritional value, such as protein bakery products, reduced sugar or low carbohydrates.

Make a better for you -choice without compromising on taste or texture

Valio’s value-adding milk powders helps you meet the consumer need for food products that are high in protein and nutrition. Our high quality, natural and proven bakery industry solutions enable improved nutritional values. We help you with the correct dosage and processes to produce products that consumers desire.

Valio’s solutions:

  • Increase protein levels of your products
  • Boost your products with valuable nutrients of pure Finnish milk
  • Offer a natural choice with no artificial additives
  • Maintain stable texture, pleasant mouthfeel and prolonged shelf life – with good water binding properties and increased volume of bakery products
  • Replace gluten with high quality milk protein

Reducing sugar – an ongoing trend continuing into the future

With the ever-shifting world of food trends presenting new possibilities and challenges to bakeries, one food trend has remained for some time: sugar reduction. Whilst consumers have taken a broader approach to health maintenance, sugar still ranks as the number one dietary evil for them. This has led consumers to make conscious attempts to avoid sugar in indulgence products. They also have more favorable perceptions towards products that are free from sugar, have less sugar or contain no added sugar.

Valio’s bakery solutions enable sugar reduction without the use of artificial sweeteners. With them, you can reduce sugar in your industrially baked products without compromising on soft and moist texture or good shelf life.

Bake a better choice – low in sugar, no artificial sweeteners:

  • Replace sugar with Valio Eila® lactose free milk powder
  • Get you a golden-brown baked color and improved crispy crust in bakery products – hydrolyzed lactose is more sensitive to browning than sucrose or lactose
  • Offer more sales time with better ‘best before’ dates: bakery products stay fresh longer and have good water binding properties

With Valio’s solutions and ingredients, your work is easier and you can meet the expectations of consumers’ ever-changing preferences. Want to know more? Contact our sales team.

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