Valio’s lactose free team – your fast track to success

The growing popularity of Valio lactose free products globally is one good example of how dedicated Valio is to meeting the needs of our customers, wherever you do business.

As Paavo Salminen, Valio’s Senior Vice President for sales points out, “As Valio is today’s European market leader in lactose free, it’s clear that the key to our success is a combination of sustained investment in R&D and close cooperation with partners and customers around the world.”

In fact, the global market for lactose free is expected to grow at more than 11% yearly through 2020, presenting significant opportunities in many markets.

Salminen continues, “Valio is currently working on lactose free projects on all continents and is actively looking to partner with leading market players both eager to innovate and aiming to solidify and grow their share. Valio is also looking for other ways to partner with these companies beyond the lactose free category, with a commitment that always starts from one basic question: What can we bring to our retail partners to help them grow their dairy category?”

Great beginnings – and a bright future

In 2001 Valio launched the world’s first totally lactose free milk made with our unique patented technology – and it was an immediate hit. Since then, we’ve grown lactose free dairy into a significant business internationally, with over 100 lactose free products now sold in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia – and we continue to develop the market, by creating new lactose free products every year across all dairy segments.

Lactose free – great opportunities for growth

Our wide selection allows you to create a competitive lactose free portfolio tailored to your market. Segments covered include: milk, cream, cooking, yoghurt and other dairy snacks, cheese, butter, spreads and milk powders.

100% taste, 0% lactose

Of course, in addition to our focus on technological innovation and close cooperation with our partners, Paavo Salminen notes that a third key to our success is rather simple:

“We’ve preserved the original taste of dairy along with all the nutrients, so when we take the lactose out, we don’t need to add anything extra.”

As we like to say: Our products are 100% taste and 0% lactose. What this means is that people who cannot tolerate lactose can once again not merely consume milk products – but truly and fully enjoy them.

Valio Eila® lactose free for licensing

Valio has also made its award-winning lactose free milk production technology available to its partners.The license agreement gives licensees access to Valio’s patented technology and know-how as well as Valio’s expertise in go-to-market knowledge and marketing communications experience.

“There has not been a single client who has not been very positively surprised at the taste quality of Valio Fast Track lactose free products, whether they’re in Africa, Asia or Europe. And this is equally true whether they’re tasting our shipped products, or their own lactose free offering made with our Valio FAST TRACK™ technology solution”, as Paavo Salminen proudly points out.

With the largest range of lactose free products in the world Valio empowers its partners to create a competitive lactose free portfolio made possible by Valio technology. Our Fast Track team was created specifically to work closely with partners worldwide to provide a winning solution that’s tailored to their specific needs. While some of our customers simply order ready products, our team also has the expertise to guide and assist with every step of technology licensing to produce 100% tasty lactose free milk.

Roadmap for new market success