Ageing nutrition


Nutritional needs change with age. Extra attention should be paid to adequate intake of protein, as it helps maintain muscle mass and bone health. The diet of elderly persons must be varied to support well-being and functionality—in other words, to enhance their quality of life.

Changes in the sense of taste and smell mean that food products for the elderly need to taste especially good. With Valio’s high protein nutritional ingredients and recipe expertise, you can develop nutritious and delicious food products that support healthy ageing.

Let’s grow old with safe and sustainable nutrition that tastes good!

Ageing nutrition solutions for food and beverage industry

Older adults’ 3 key nutritional needs – make business with premium ageing nutrition

Older adults want to stay active and energetic, maintain their brain functions and enjoy the taste of food. In fact, their quality of life depends on in. As a result, ageing adults are willing to invest in food products that support these objectives. What a great opportunity for the food industry!

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Natural industrial ingredients for food and nutrition manufacturers


Consider these five facts when developing nutritional products for the ageing
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Protein hits these three sweet spots of current global food trends

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