Milk and whey protein ingredients for maintaining healthy weight

Many people exercise to achieve and maintain the desired weight level or balanced body composition. With the right milk and whey protein ingredients, sports and health nutrition manufacturers can boost their products for the booming market of well-being foods and answer the growing consumer demand.

Make products naturally low-calorie and low-fat with patented ingredients, recipes and processes

Valio milk powders are a great source of the proteins, minerals and vitamins needed for reaching healthy weight and maintaining it. Our solutions team helps you find the protein ingredients, dosages and recipes that work best for your dietary products.

Features of Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders for weight management food products:

  1. Low glycemic index (GI index) which increases the feeling of satiety
  2. Increased protein level
  3. Less than 0.1% of lactose (gut-friendly)
  4. Minimal increase in the carbohydrate level (low in carbs)
  5. Increase sweetness without adding total energy content (hydrolyzed lactose is sweet)
  6. For higher than normal level of sweetness, use Valio Eila® SWEET

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