Valio at Fi Europe 2021

It’s time to go live!

Our entire international sales team will be in-person at stand 30H80 in Health Ingredients hall.

Connect with our experts and discover new possibilities to grow your business. Our range for better-for-you options include clean label, sugar reduction, digestive comfort, and protein enrichment. And our sustainable nutrition solutions cover all life stages from infants to ageing adults.

Come meet us in person and get started with new business opportunities.

  • Valio's stand: 30H80 in Health Ingredients hall

Valio's Highlights during Fi Europe 2021 include:

Digestive wellness is driving lactose free growth

  • Consumers are looking for food choices that enhance digestive wellness and still have great taste.
  • Food manufacturers can cater to the digestive comfort trend and generate a whole new market by producing products free from lactose or low lactose.
  • Valio's solutions and patented technologies enable new business growth and wider market segments for industrial food and dairy manufacturers

LACTOSE FREE SOLUTIONS: Explore the lactose free business opportunities

Sugar reduction without artificial sweeteners

  • Tightening regulations around sugar and the increasing consumer demand for better-for-you choices provide both a challenge and a great opportunity for food companies
  • Consumers want products that offer concrete benefits that they can understand and genuine nutritional value
  • Our solutions reduce sugar in dairy products, chocolate and confectionery, ice cream and bakery goods.

SUGAR REDUCTION: Sugar reduction in industrial food manufacturing

Infant nutrition

Our dry blend process allows you to create new nutrition products for the early life nutrition market.

  • Your choice of fully customized solutions or Valio's own high-quality recipes made from pure Finnish milk and whey.
  • High quality raw materials, dry blending, and consumer or industrial package in one place.
  • OEM solutions available for easy product formulation and go-to-market.

SOLUTIONS: See all our infant nutrition solutions

Ageing nutrition

Tailored nutritional ingredients to support healthy ageing in food products – featuring Valio Eila™ Nutri F + milk protein powder with vitamins, minerals, and phospholipids.

  • Food manufacturers can tap into the healthy aging sector by developing food products packed with nutrients that enhance wellbeing.
  • Valio Eila™ NUTRI F + is a lactose free milk powder made with a high milk protein concentration to cater to the needs of aging adults.
  • Packed with phospholipids, vitamins and minerals, our Nutri F + milk protein powder supports muscle and cognitive functions.

CUSTOMER CASE: Maeil Dairies developed a new product concept for the growing senior market in South Korea

Butter for professional bakeries

The best butter in the world for professional bakeries.

  • Plasticity, consistency, and superior taste - the best choice for professional baking.
  • Consistent quality: the Nordic climate and our renowned expertise produces the best butter in the world throughout the year.
  • Fully traceable supply chain from farm to customer.
  • Pure butter: no preservatives or artificial ingredients used in production.

PROFESSIONAL BAKING: Use Valio Butter for better baked goods

Valio is a leading Finnish food company, rooted in the purity of Nordic nature. We offer natural dairy ingredients for the food and nutrition industry, serving customers globally with solutions for all age-groups from infants to elderly adults. Our ingredients and technical support can be used in various applications, ranging from special and infant nutrition to dairy, confectionery, and bakery.

With over 115 years of experience and Nobel prize winning innovation, we help you to meet the market demand with natural, healthy, and appetizing offerings, along with the business and profitability goals of the modern food industry. We believe in the power of nature and its ability to fuel our passion for innovation. We also have a responsibility to the environment, aiming to become a carbon neutral dairy by 2035.