Understanding the benefits of milk fat in infant milk formula link

What are the qualities in cow’s milk that make it a better choice for infant formula producers?

Cow’s milk has many similarities with breast milk that make it a healthy ingredient for infant formula. In this episode of Expert insights, research specialist Anu Turpeinen discusses the latest research on the fat similarity index – and how this can be put to good use by producers of high-quality infant formula products.

Watch this 13 min episode to learn more:

  1. Introduction: The growing awareness of the significance of the Fat similarity index.
  2. Nutritional angle: How does the Fat similarity index play an important role in infant nutrition?
  3. Nutritional insight: How does the similarity index change our approach to manufacturing infant nutrition?
  4. Business case: How can Valio help you benefit from the Fat similarity index in your business?
  5. Thought leadership: How will the Fat similarity index change the infant formula industry? What does the future hold?

The science behind the fat similarity index

The new article “Similarity Index for the Fat Fraction between Breast Milk and Infant Formulas,” published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, shows that adding cow’s milk makes the lipid composition of infant formulas and breast milk more similar.


Fat similarity index illustrates the benefits of milk fat in infant milk formula

To simplify the comparison between fat sources in infant milk formula (IMF) products, Valio will take into use a new way of visualizing the differences.

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