Baby food solutions

Pure ingredients from pure nature

Breast milk is the best food for babies

Using infant formulas is second to breastfeeding, a fact supported by WHO. Babies should be breastfed exclusively for 6 months, with continued breastfeeding after introduction of complementary food. A healthcare professional should be consulted before introducing infant formula or complementary food to a child’s diet.

Ingredients for your success

We at Valio recognize and understand the special requirements of babies, from infants to toddlers. That's why we offer baby food solutions and ingredients for the food industry. Our products vary from high quality fully traceable ingredients to blends and base powders that fulfill specific customer needs to consumer packaged infant and toddler formulas.

Balanced nutrition for healthy development

The nutritional values of our products always meet regulations and recommendations. This is achieved via carefully customised recipes that all our high-quality baby food solutions are based on.

Purity and safety of products

When producing our baby food solutions, we use the best technology available. We commit to regular testing and monitoring at plants and allow no allergens in our raw materials. We have all required quality management systems in place and follow existing standards for baby food contaminants and pesticides.

Fresh milk as basis for all products

All our production starts with fresh milk. Fresh high quality raw materials require less treatment (UHT), thus retaining its fresh taste and white colour. The reason why our milk is of such a high quality is due to the clean production environment in Finland and strict quality standards our farmers follow. We can guarantee that we know all our 6 000 farmers we buy milk from - and our milk is fully traceable back to the farm of its origin.

Continuing innovation

Following in the footsteps of A.I. Virtanen, the Nobel-prize winning leader of Valio R&D, our innovations have put us at the forefront of emerging trends. Today, innovation and outstanding quality are the key factors in Valio’s success. We introduce over 100 new products every year and hold over 350 patents in 50 countries. In 2016, we spent 26.5 million euros on research, product development and quality assurance.

Ingredients for success

Infant milk formula quality ingredients

  • Valio Demi™ demineralised whey powders
  • Valio milk powders
  • Valio Eila™ Lactose free milk powders

Tailored blends

  • Valio creates blends (e.g. Valio Demi and Valio Milk powders) from high quality ingredients according to our customers requirements

Base powders

  • IMF (infant milk formula) base powders ranging from Valio’s own high-quality recipes to fully customized solutions

Consumer baby food solutions

  • Valio can also deliver complete infant formula powders and RTF (ready to feed) liquids packaged for consumer use

Commitment to the highest quality

Pia Ollikainen, R&D Manager at Valio tells us what it takes to produce great baby food solutions. Her answers are based on years of experience and a PhD in Biotechnology. That’s why her view on quality is perhaps a lot simpler than one might expect.

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What makes Valio ready-to-feed (RTF) liquid infant formula such a good choice?

Convenience Ready-to-use Guaranteed safety and quality
- Easy to handle at home or away
- No hot water or mixing required
- Reuseable and re-sealable package
- Can be stored and served at room temperature
- Fresh taste with no off-flavours
- High-class ingredients and water only
- Closely controlled production
- Pre-mixed correct dosages

Valio is a dairy co-operative owned by farmers

Our high-quality products are a result of 110 years of experience combined with unrivalled raw materials such as pure Finnish milk.

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