Valio Maasdam cheese

Valio Maasdam cheese

Valio Maasdam cheese

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Valio Maasdam cheese is an aromatic cheese with a characteristically nutty flavour. Valio’s cheesemakers have devoted themselves to making the finest cheeses based on all-natural, carefully selected farm-fresh Finnish milk and an ageing process guaranteed to deliver the right texture, aroma and flavour, every time.

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Nutritional contents

Nutrition (per 100 g)

Energy kJ
1491 kJ
Energy kcal
359 kcal
Total fat
28 g
of which saturated
17 g
0 g
of which sugar
0 g
26 g
1.30 g
0 g

Ingredients causing allergies and intolerances

  • Milk and products thereof

Product information


Pasteurised milk, starter and salt.

Storage instructions

Shelf life 90 days.

Country of origin:
Country of production:
Valio Ltd

Product usage

Aromatic cheese with a characteristic nutty flavour. Semi-hard consistency. Aged for a minimum of six-and-half weeks. Non-GMO. No preservatives. Microbiological coagulant and Calcium chloride are used as production aid. Suitable for cutting, slicing and grating, and as raw material in manufacturing processed cheese.

Hight-quality cheeses for the food industry

Valio cheeses are characterized by advanced product development and skilled craftsmanship, which makes them appreciated across the globe.

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