Valio sweet butter milk powder

Valio sweet butter milk powder

Valio sweet butter milk powder

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Valio milk powders are widely used in a broad range of dairy and food industry applications all over the world. Valio has long experience in manufacturing milk powder, always using responsibly sourced milk from our own dairy farmers. Pure Finnish milk combined with modern technology ensures these ingredients are of the best possible quality.

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Nutritional contents

Nutrition (per 100 g)

Energy kJ
1642 kJ
Energy kcal
392 kcal
Total fat
5.7 g
52 g
32 g

Ingredients causing allergies and intolerances

  • Milk and products thereof

Product information


Butter milk.

Country of origin:
Country of production:
Valio Ltd

Product usage

Valio sweet buttermilk powder (BMP) has rich, slightly sweet flavour. This dairy ingredient is sourced directly from Valio butter production. Product is rich in phospholipids from milk fat. It has excellent emulsification and thickening properties. Product is ideal for applications requiring both flavour and emulsifying properties.

Benefit from nutritional effects of phospholipids in baby food

A growing number of food manufacturers are looking to harness the effects of phospholipids. Valio’s expertice on MGFM helps you better meet the nutritional needs of infants.

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