Innovations and R&D

Emphasis on R&D creates innovations that shape the whole world

All of Valio’s product development is built around listening to the customer and consumer, a delicious taste and good nutritional values. But it’s not something that we’ve picked up overnight – we’ve been doing it for over 100 years.

Valio research and development learned the value of collaboration with the science and academic communities early on. Valio continues to listen to food, nutrition and health experts as well as its customers, consumers and other stakeholders. Our research tradition is grounded in pure science while development is focused on value added products and ingredients, a powerful and practical strategy that has delivered significant world firsts.

Innovation is in our DNA

Professor A.I. Virtanen who went on to spearhead the company’s outstanding R&D achievements for fifty years, winning a Nobel Prize in the process and helping to create what has become one of the most famous R&D centers in Europe. When A.I. Virtanen was leding Valio laboratories, the concept of using innovation to increase wellbeing became our guiding principle.

Today, we are an international pioneer in healthy products and ingredients, with patented technologies used all over the world. The research has resulted in unique concepts, like Valio Eila® lactose free, Valio PROfeel® protein products, Valio MiFU® alternative milk protein to meat, and oat-based Valio Oddlygood® snacks and drinks.

Finnish goverment recognizes Valio’s principal scientist

Valio’s Päivi Myllärinen received an innovation award for her pioneering research from the Finnish Parliament.

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Unique technologies for the food industry

With Valio, you get all you need to succeed in your own market. Our patented technologies and experienced solution team help you create successful products and services even if you don’t have previous experience from the dairy industry. We can also support you in your go-to-market phase.

Easy solution to lactose free milk

Phospholipids and baby food

Good nutrition plays a vital role in ensuring optimal growth and overall wellbeing in infants and toddlers. Complex lipids naturally occurring in milk, such as phospholipids, show promise in enhancing brain development, cognitive functions, immune responses and intestinal health.

Phospholipids and baby food

Sugar reduction in chocolate

Sugar is increasingly overtaking fat and salt as a primary consumer concern, especially as high sugar consumption is blamed for rising obesity rates. Our commitment to reducing both sugar and salt is linked in particular to two UN goals: ensuring an adequate standard of food and nutrition and improving health and wellbeing.

Sugar reduction in chocolate

World-class innovations in the footsteps of A. I. Virtanen

In 1919, Valio’s laboratory served as the location where chemist Artturi Ilmari Virtanen began his life’s work. With no compromises on quality and with a firm focus on scientific collaboration, A.I. Virtanen led the laboratory from 1921 onwards, for nearly 50 years. Of Virtanen’s inventions, AIV fodder and AIV salt, in particular, were revolutionary, and Virtanen’s inventions led to him receiving the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1945.

  • A. I. Virtanen: the man behind the quality

    Nobel laureate Artturi Ilmari Virtanen, long-time Director of the Valio Laboratory and the inspiration behind Valio’s science-based research tradition.