Emma Aer appointed Managing director of Finlandia Cheese

Ms Emma Aer, Senior Vice President, Sales has been appointed Managing director of Valio’s US sales company Finlandia Cheese Inc. as of 1st July 2014.

Emma Aer is currently attached to Valio’s Finland and Western Markets division with responsibility for Food Service sales and customer marketing, as well as marketing development at Finlandia Cheese.

The incumbent President of Finlandia Cheese Ilkka Nivari will retire on a well-deserved pension on 1st July. He has had a long and distinguished career in a range of positions at Valio.

Finlandia Cheese focuses on the development of cheese business in its current categories, employing Valio’s expertise in product development and marketing. The goal is to enhance the company’s current strengths.

Emma Aer has previously held the posts of Head of the Cheese, Butter, White Cheeses, and Butter and Spreads business units at Valio. Before joining the company, she worked at Nokia where she was Director of global brand and marketing strategy.