Ilkka Nivari appointed CEO of Finlandia Cheese

lkka Nivari, M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.), Chairman of the Board of Finlandia Cheese Inc., has been appointed President and CEO of Finlandia Cheese as of 15th October 2012. Finlandia Cheese Inc. is Valio Ltd’s subsidiary on the US market.

The incumbent, Mr Christopher Franco, will continue to work with Finlandia Cheese during the transitional period and move on to fresh challenges at the turn of the year.

Christopher Franco and the Finlandia Cheese staff have built a sound foundation for Finlandia Cheese’s business over the past 20 years. The goal now is to strengthen the position and profitability of the Finlandia Cheese brand in the Deli cheese sector, and grow the business using local production.