In shops this week: Milk that's easy to boil without burning

Valio Kiehu™ is the milk drink that can be boiled without burning and is the latest in a prestigious line of unique milk innovations from Valio. The new milk product is manufactured using a Valio patented method and will be available in shops at the beginning of December. No other milk or milk drink in the world offers a similar property.

Valio has distinguished its 110 year history with the development of many pioneering products from milk, based on research, listening to consumers, and innovations, all enabled by people with the expertise and courage to create something new.

“Valio R&D has learned a great deal about milk over the years. In product development, we combine existing knowledge with new research results and technologies. Valio has conducted pioneering research on whey and the heat sensitivity of whey proteins is an established fact. While working on a new filtration technology for proteins we realised that removing whey proteins from milk might be the solution to milk’s tendency to burn in cooking. Our assumption turned out to be correct and we’ve developed a milk that tolerates heating and boiling far better than ordinary milk,” says Tiina Hämäläinen, R&D Manager at Valio.

Innovations target international markets

Valio Kiehu™ is the highly anticipated novelty product commended by consumers and cooking professionals in product testing*. Milk that boils without easily burning is unique, a world first innovation that has consequently attracted much international interest.

“In the competitive international markets we have to offer something that the other companies don’t have. We believe our unique innovation has true export potential. We’re currently mapping interest in Asia and Central Europe for our value added milks,” says Executive Vice President Tuomas Salusjärvi from Valio

Valio introduced its consumer products in October at the world’s biggest food fair Anuga held in Cologne. Several large retail chains from around the world demonstrated their interest in Valio products including innovative milks.

You can now boil milk in a steel pan

Valio Kiehu™ is the answer to a common problem voiced by many consumers: the porridge burned and the pan needs scrubbing. The new milk can be boiled and heated better than ordinary milk. You no longer need to constantly stir and watch over milk-based foods, just let them cook slowly and stir every now and then so the other ingredients don’t get stuck to the bottom of the pan. The best result is achieved at a moderate heat, and milk-based foods can now be easily cooked in a steel pan, too.

Valio Kiehu™ is the solution that meets everyday needs and is ideal for a variety of cooking and baking applications. The product is also good for hot drinks and can be drank on its own.

Due to the removal of whey protein, the milk drink contains slightly less protein compared with ordinary milk. The difference in nutrient content is not significant and Valio Kiehu™ milk drink is a good source of the important nutrients found in milk.

*Research Insight Finland, Home testing and qualitative study 1/2014, N=70

Further information:

Tuomas Salusjärvi, Executive Vice President, Valio Ltd,, Twitter: @SalusjarviT

Tiina Hämäläinen, R&D Manager, Valio Ltd,